Indoor service have resumed with the following precautions:
  • Attendees will be required to sign in when entering the Temple.
  • Wearing masks in the Temple is optional. Please be respectful of each other’s choices.
  • Social distance seating will be observed.
  • We will not be using cushions, please bring your own if you would like to sit on a cushion.
  • Windows and doors may be open for cross ventilation, so please dress accordingly.
  • We will not sing a Gatha during indoor service.

December, 2023
12/03   Shotsuki Hoyo Service 10 a.m (Fellowship and refreshments following the service)
An making after service
12/04   Set up for mochi tsuki 6-8 p.m.
12/8     Prep for mochi tsuki 1 p.m.
12/9     Mochi tsuki
12/10   Bodhi Day Service 10 a.m.
12/17   Paramita Service 10 a.m.
12/18    General meeting 6 p.m.
12/24   Paramita Service 10 a.m.
12/31   Year End Service 10 a.m. Toshikoshi soba serviced following service

January, 2024
01/07     New Year/Shotsuki Hoyo Service 10 a.m. (Fellowship and Ozoni served following the service)
01/11     Bishop Marvin Harada will be here. Seminar 7-9 p.m.
01/14      Paramita Service 10 a.m.
01/15     Board of Trustees meeting 6 p.m.
01/20     Shinnenkai  (New Year Party) Time TBD
01/21      Ho-onko Service 10 a.m. with Rev. Rye,  Board of Trustees Installation
01/28      Paramita Service 10 a.m.

February, 2024
02/04     Shotsuki Hoyo Service 10 a.m. (Fellowship and refreshments following the service).
02/11     Nehanye Service 10 a.m.
02/18     Paramita Service 10 a.m.
02/19     Board of Trustees meeting 6 p.m.
02/25     Paramita Service 10 a.m.