Indoor service have resumed with the following precautions:
  • Attendees will be required to sign in when entering the Temple.
  • Masks will be required regardless of vaccination status.
  • Social distance seating will be observed.
  • We will not be using cushions, please bring your own if you would like to sit on a cushion.
  • Windows and doors will be open for cross ventilation, so please dress accordingly.
  • Chanting will be done with masks on.
  • We will not sing a Gatha during indoor service.
  • Attendees will be invited to gassho in front of the onaijin at the conclusion of the service, but there will be no burning of incense.

January, 2023
01/01 New Year/Shotsuki Hoyo Service 10 a.m.
01/08 Paramita Service 10 a.m.
01/14 Seminar with Bishop Marvin Harada
01/15 Paramita Service 10 a.m.
01/21 Virtual Shinnenkai (New Year Party) 2 p.m.
01/22 Ho-onko Service 10 a.m.
01/29 Paramita Service 10 a.m.

February, 2023
02/05 Shotsuki Hoyo Service 10 a.m.
02/11 EBL
02/12 Nehanye Service 10 a.m.
02/19 Paramita Service 10 a.m.
02/29 Paramita Service 10 a.m.