“In a nut shell, Buddhism is a teaching that shows us the workings of our ego self

and how that ego self causes all of our problems of life.”

Rev. Marvin Harada – Orange County Buddhist Church

Buddhism can be described as the process of self reflection, mindfulness to borrow a frequently used term, rather than a looking outward to others and things outside of oneself to find happiness. Depending on your preference this inward clearing of the mind can be achieved through meditation, recitation of mantras, sutras, or the Nembutsu. The person (Siddhartha Gautama) who came to be known as Buddha (or “Awakened One”) found that his introspection allowed him an insight into the belief that there is an interconnectedness in all beings, whether alive or not living. In Buddhism this insight is frequently called enlightenment (wisdom and compassion), something the Buddha began to teach in India.

Buddhism has spread throughout the world in the last 2500+ years, just as other great philosophies. Because Buddhism addresses the needs within human beings to fulfill their spiritual needs, it is one of the ‘great religions’ of the world (although by western definition, Buddhism is not truly a religion since religion is defined by the worship of God or the supernatural). The teachings of the Buddha are known as the Dharma and each individual is believed to be capable of finding their own form of enlightenment by following these teachings. What all Buddhist practitioners have in common is the connectedness, quite in contrast to our western belief in the individual as the supreme creation.

Shin Buddhism is the form of Buddhism practiced by the Buddhist Churches of America, with a focus on the realization of the Nembutsu (not a traditional practice of meditation) Namo Amida Butsu, however it is important to note that reciting the Nembutsu can be looked upon as a form of introspection and gratitude, and is one path seen as a road to receiving the wisdom and compassion.

Whatever your beliefs, if you are looking to learn, experience, explore, or study a path you have not traveled before or are returning to after an absence, the Seabrook Buddhist Temple welcomes you.


Seabrook Buddhist Temple is affiliated with the Buddhist Churches of America, which is the continental United States representative of the Hompa (NISHI) Hongwanji, Kyoto, Japan. Through the BCA, the temple is a gathering place for Jodo Shinshu Buddhists of which there are millions worldwide. The BCA has a fully accredited graduate school and can be found at:  http://www.shin-ibs.edu/