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If you are new to Buddhism, are interested in learning more or have questions that are not answered here, please contact us.


 Can anyone attend a Service or event – even someone who is not a Buddhist?

Yes! Everyone is welcome regardless of religious background, experience, ethnicity, gender, etc. You are welcome to attend any of our Services and events.

 How should I dress for a Service or event?

For Services and most events, there is no need to be formal and casual dress clothes are appropriate.
Of course, if the event involves preparing food, please dress in comfortable clothes that will not be ruined should they become messy.
For our summer event of OBON, some people dress in traditional Japanese yukata and obi. This is not a requirement. Please dress casually and appropriately based on the weather as OBON is usually held outside in our large field.

 Are there any specific customs or etiquette I should follow when attending?

Like any tradition, there are certain customs that are observed as a way of showing respect to the Buddhist Teachings when visiting a Jodoshinshu Buddhist Temple. For example, we bow when entering and leaving the Hondo (main temple hall). The best way to learn about these customs is to observe the behavior of others and to ask questions of the minister or Temple members.
We have a handout describing Temple etiquette and basic rituals available for new visitors. if you do not see it as you enter the Hondo, please ask for a copy.

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